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    A bipartisan bill introduced by Sens. Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa, and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., would close several loopholes identified by The Washington Post in an investigative series published last fall. The investigation found hundreds of retired U.S. military officers taking lucrative jobs advising foreign governments known for human rights atrocities and political repression. The Retired Officers Conflict of Interest Act would require public reporting about who is working on behalf of which foreign governments and for how much.

      More Americans over the last several decades have abandoned their faith — usually Christianity — to join the ranks of the non-religious. This includes people who describe themselves as atheists, agnostics or “nothing in particular.”

        I was reading the New York Times a week or so ago and came across an article by a sportswriter, Christopher Clarey, with an intriguing headline: “Thousands of Bylines to His Name, and One that’s Not.” Since bylines have been my wheelhouse for 40 years, I clicked on the link to read the story…

          The death of a pregnant woman can only be a tragedy. But the loss of 2016 Olympic medalist Tori Bowie, a Mississippi native who died in May from childbirth complications, also serves as a reminder that America’s maternal mortality rate is far too high.

            Alex Anastasio voted for Donald Trump for president twice, attended Trump rallies, organized events for him and placed signs in front of her home in Pennsylvania. And she was deeply hopeful in the early days following the 2020 election that once all of the votes were counted, he would serve a second term -- so hopeful, indeed, that she was initially involved in a voter recount effort in support of that.

            Watch out for China. This nuclearized, troop-laden, threatening, ultra-aggressive military monster has just come up with another warning of evil intent. It is negotiating with Cuba about a joint military training and enhanced intelligence center 100 miles from Florida. The center would no doubt host vast numbers of China’s 2 million-plus active troops as combat readiness grows and U.S. military secrets become a reading pleasure.

            During the failed August 1991 putsch in Russia, the good guys were reformers Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. The bad guys were an incompetent claque of the military and KGB within the Politburo, and the rebellion fizzled when Yeltsin climbed on that tank in Moscow. The Kremlin’s nukes were kept secure, and the world caught its breath. The once all-powerful Soviet Union then peacefully flickered out of existence.

            Like many people, I was glued to the news for much of Saturday, watching what seemed, at least for a moment, to be the first stages of a coup d'etat -- and it still might be. The only thing we know for certain is that if this is the beginning of the end of Vladimir Putin's rule, that story won't begin with the mutinous mercenary warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin leading an armored column of troops, guns a-blazing, into Moscow.


            I was having a discussion with a couple of guys the other day, and we were recalling some other fellows we hadn’t seen in a while. Or perhaps I should say that we were attempting to recall.

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