AIS Airlines, a Dutch airline based at Lelystad Airport, has partnered with Ink Innovation, a travel technology provider, to introduce a unified web check-in service to passengers.

Ink Web Check-in is a turnkey solution that is an intermediary between the airlines’ system and ground handlers’ Departure Control Systems (DCS). This collaboration allows AIS Airlines to benefit from Ink’s expertise with various DCS platforms. The effortless integration avoids the need for any development work by the airline or ground handlers.

AIS Airlines now delivers a consistent user experience for its passengers regardless of the DCS handling the flight. With Ink Web Check-in, the check-in process is streamlined, allowing for a quicker and more stress-free start to their journey.

AIS Flight Academy & AIS Airlines chief commercial officer Nicole Scheffer, shared: “Online check-in is an essential service for our operations. Our primary customers are business travellers who value efficiency. One of our USPs is our quick boarding process, requiring passengers to arrive at the airport only 45 minutes before departure. By enabling web check-in, passengers can speed up the boarding process even further or make it easier to catch connecting flights. We stand for excellent service, and offering capabilities to check in online will help us attract more passengers to fly with AIS Airlines.”

The new system benefits not only travellers but also improves operational efficiency at the airport. AIS Airlines and their ground handler staff will be supported with training and assistance from Ink’s Delivery and Support teams, ensuring a smooth and effective system adoption.

Nicole Scheffer further commented: “Ink’s offer, team communication, and follow-up stood out. Their good reputation and familiarity with airlines and operations like ours made them an obvious choice and the ideal partner for us”.

“At Ink, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of airlines and their customers. We look forward to working with AIS Airlines and seeing the positive impact this will have on airlines’ customer satisfaction,” commented Ink chief commercial officer Janet Richards.

For additional information about the services offered by AIS Airlines and Ink Innovation, please visit the Ink Innovation website or contact us via the details on our profile.